Hi, I'm Uwe Gruenefeld
An HCI researcher in love with Mixed Reality
I am looking for a PostDoc position in HCI / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality. If you know of an open position, please share the details via email. Thank you! uwe.gruenefeld@outlook.de


I am a PhD student finishing at the research institute OFFIS (Oldenburg, Germany). I am fascinated by all flavors of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), but Mixed Reality devices and technologies are particularly interesting to me. My research has mainly focused on investigating visual cues for locating out-of-view objects in Mixed Reality.


Human-Computer Interaction, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Visualization, Attention Guidance


12/2019Our CHI paper "HiveFive: Immersion Preserving Attention Guidance in Virtual Reality" has been conditionally accepted.
11/2019I submitted my dissertation "Visual Cues for Locating Out-of-View Objects in Mixed Reality."
11/2019I presented our paper "Locating Nearby Physical Objects in Augmented Reality" at MUM 2019 in Pisa, Italy.